Review for One Week Girlfriend

one week

This one gets 3.5 to 4 stars!

Yes, I know, I’m late on reading this one.  I think everyone else has already read it but oh well.  Took me only half a day to read.  😉

I’m pretty new to the whole New Adult Romance genre.  So far this book stands up along side of  the few I’ve read in the past.

Drew propositions Fable to be his ‘fake’ girlfriend for the week at the tune of three thousand dollars.  She agrees without question.  She needs the money to help support her little brother, Owen.  She’s basically raising him.  Their mother could care less about either of them since she’s gone for the majority of the time.

Fable and Drew have great chemistry.  I thought the author did a good job with their attraction to one another.  I really liked the intense scenes & always was wondering what would happen next.

Fable would have to be my favorite character.  She is vulnerable yet strong. She’s a blunt-to-the-point kinda girl & can stand up to just about anyone. Under all the tough exterior though she is compassionate and just wants to be loved. My least favorite characters would be the stepmother, Adele.  Cannot stand her. At. All.  Maybe the author will kill her off in the next book? Just wishful thinking from this country girl, I suppose. 😉

I didn’t care for the whole “Pretty Woman” kinda theme, yet it seems to work if you’re willing to read through it all.  I wasn’t disappointed, just left hanging. 😉  Yep, it’s a cliffhanger.  Gotta love those, right? I also didn’t like Drew’s past.  Although, having said that, I think Ms. Murphy does a fine job of writing about situations that other authors really tip-toe over. I applaud her for that. Drew’s character did start to pull at my heartstrings toward the end although I admit in the beginning I wasn’t very impressed with him.

Their first kiss is what really made me keep turning the pages.  I love that scene. All emotion behind it & the fact that it makes them feel raw, exposed and completely vulnerable.

I think anyone that likes Contemporary Romances ( and the New Adult Romance genre) will like this one. Definitely not for younger readers.

**Strong language & sexual content make this the kind of book for mature readers only**

Monica Murphy shines. This was the first book I’ve ever read by her and I liked it.  Can’t wait to read the next.

***Borrowed ebook from my friend, Lana Hartline***


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