Review for “Surrender Your Love”

GovernessInRed’s review for “Surrender Your Love”


Author: J.C. Reed

Pages: 324 

Pub: 2013

My rating: C+     (3.5 stars)

First let me start off by saying I started this book yesterday and also finished it as well.  It didn’t take long once I started reading.  

The book started off by reminding me a little bit like Fifty Shades but then kinda got it’s own plot. The main character is Brooke and she’s a realtor.  The whole book is her POV.  

Jett is the dangerous, smexy guy that she meets and he doesn’t exactly tell her who he really is.  The next thing you know they are in bed together.  Yeah. *sigh* It sounds like another typical romance novel. Rich guy meets girl.  Girl likes guy. They sleep with each other.  Before you know it, they’re in love. Then disaster strikes… AND there’s a cliffhanger ending!! 

I really liked both characters.  I feel like the relationship between the two was a little rushed. Really rushed.  I think it’s still over all a good read.  I like the banter between the two characters and I even liked the roommate, Sylvie.  

Would I read the next one? Yes. Most definitely.  I think the plot has potential and the author does write well.  This ebook is also lendable (which I LOVE)!!! I think it’s awesome anytime a good book can be read/loaned by others.

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