Review: Once Tempted

GovernessInRed’s Book Review


Book: Once Tempted (Silver Creek Book #1)

Author: Laura Moore

Pages: 400

Pub Date: 2013

Publisher:  Random House Publishing Group

Genre: Contemporary Romance

2.5 stars

Tess Casari is newly widowed and in need of different scenery.  She moves from New York City to Acacia, CA.  She soon finds a job at Silver Creek Ranch and tries her best to stay out of the way of sexy Ward Knowles but it’s so dang hard to do.

It took me a while to read this book.  To be honest, I just could not get interested in it but made myself read it.  I kept holding on to hope that the story would be somehow different.  It was obvious what was going to happen between the characters.  I felt like there were several parts of the book that were almost pointless to write about. I know some people liked this book but I do not happen to be one of them.

I think that the cover is gorgeous.  That’s what lead me to want to read the book.  Yep, this one was all about that yummy cover for me.  Just wish the story would have captured my attention a lot more.

** ARC graciously provided from Ballantine Books via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review *


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