Review: “Seduction Of a Highland Lass”

GovernessInRed’s Book review for “Seduction Of a Highland Lass”

Author: Maya Banks

Publisher: Ballantine Books/Random House

Pages: 323

Pub: 2011

My rating: A++++

5 Passionate Stars!!!

This is the second book in the McCabe Highlander series and it’s definitely not one to miss. In fact, I enjoyed this one more than I did the first. As soon as I opened the book I was indeed hooked. I simply could not put it down. Maya Banks has a wonderful way of making the characters pop and sizzle off the pages.

seduction lass 3

Alaric McCabe is a perfectly formed and sexy warrior. He’s truly handsome beyond reason… but he has a duty to uphold. He must wed Rionna McDonald (the daughter of a neighboring chieftain) and he’s not thrilled about it at all. Now tenuous peace in the highlands and the threat Duncan Cameron posed not only to the neighboring clans, but to King David’s throne, Alaric agreed to the marriage that would cement an alliance.
As he sets out to the McDonald’s land, he and a dozen McCabe soldiers that have traveled with him are ambushed. Alaric is gravely injured and somehow manages to get on his horse and escape before he passes out.

seduction lass 2

Enter little spitfire Keeley McDonald. She is an outcast from her clan but yet most still would seek her out for her knowledge of healing. She’s blunt and to the point (just like I love my heroines). One morning when she ventures out of her cottage, she stumbles upon the handsome McCabe warrior that’s fallen off his horse. She finally manages to get him inside with the help of his horse. She stitches his injury up and takes care of him while a fever sets in.

I loved both of the characters! I really enjoyed the banter, the flirting between angel and warrior, and the perfect way they come to love each other. The love scenes are hot and they will have you panting for more. The fact that they can’t be together is maddening but I kept cheering them on.
“I find I haven’t the ability to deny myself the pleasure of your touch. You are an addiction. One I can’t readily be free of. I listen to your arguments and I understand them well, but then you look at me or I look at you and all reason flies out the window. I only know that if I don’t touch you, if I don’t kiss you, I’ll go mad.”
She cupped his face in her hands and gave him a look so sad that it clenched his stomach into a ball. “So sweet are your words and how heavy they fall on my ears. I take them into my heart and am filled with gladness and longing all at the same time and yet I realize how hopeless such feelings are. You will never be mine, warrior. Just as I’ll never be yours. ‘Tis madness to continue to torment ourselves.”
And then the moment came when they finally gave into temptation and it was all my heart could do not to jump out of my chest. It was pure perfection.

seduction highland lass

She was captivated by the picture they presented… It was every romantic dream she’d ever hatched. He was her warrior. Though she’d saved him in the beginning, he saved her each and every day.
Her warrior. Her love.
“Love me, Alaric, “ she whispered.
“Aye, I do, lass. I do. And I will. Tonight is mine. You’re my captive to do with as I see fit. Never will you feel more cherished and loved more than you do this night.”
I cannot wait to read the next one in the series. I believe Ms. Banks has such a talent for writing these Scottish historical romances. Her way of writing left me breathless and time flew by when reading page after page. I am addicted. Ms. Banks Highland warriors have captured my heart and she is quickly becoming my favorite author.


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