Review: The Scottish Witch


4 stars!

When a Chattan falls in love, he is struck dead.

No curse is a good curse, right?

Harry’s brother is dying and there is nothing Harry can do about it… not until he finds a witch that can break the centuries old spell put upon his family.

He finds himself searching for a witch. Who he finds is Portia Maclean masquerading as one. She’s doing it for money to keep her family afloat and to keep a roof over their heads. 

Eventually Harry discovers that Portia was the “witch” he met that night under the giant oak. From there witty banter turns to passionate kisses and more. Much more. Their secret affair is soon discovered though.

He was handsome. Noble. A man unlike any other.
A man every woman wished to kiss.
A man who captured her imagination in a way she’d not believed possible. A man who brought his lips down to hers…

Cathy Maxwell has such a passionate way of writing. The characters come alive off the pages and you’re left with a smile on your face when you finish the ending. 

I loved the characters and even the animals in this story. Owl is so mysterious and Monty’s pack of dogs had me giggling throughout. 

Lady Emma is one of those characters that you just love to hate. 

Minnie (Portia’s sister) is pure sweetness and you can’t help but love her.

Portia is a strong willed heroine to a certain point. She grows with confidence as the story progresses and I found that I rather enjoyed her character a lot.

Harry is just an ok kinda hero. I didn’t swoon over him and quite often I found myself wondering if he would ever become an interesting character. There’s nothing really special about him and his character is forgettable. I felt like he needed more spark and personality. Having said that, I still think that this book is a superb read. I really enjoyed getting away to Scotland for a few hours and cheering on the hero and heroine.


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