Review: To Sin With a Viking


4.5 stars!!


Oh my! Where do I begin??

I enjoyed this book very much! Michelle Willingham captured my attention and held it until the last page.

I love reading Viking romances. I don’t think enough authors venture out and write about them but more should. I’m no stranger reading Viking romances and so I devoured this one. Devoured. It. So, how does To Sin With a Viking stack up to others I’ve read? This has to be one of my favorite Viking romances (so far).

What makes it stand out? The hero is married to another.

Styr, the yummy hero, is married to Elena. While they wanted to make the five year marriage work, they’ve really grown apart. Styr decides to travel to Ireland with Elena to find a fresh start and to save their marriage. Upon reaching the shore, Styr is captured and Elena is kidnapped and took out to sea.


Styr is Caragh O’Brannon’s prisoner. Her brothers have left her alone and she’s slowly starving to death. She intrigues Styr more than he cares to admit and yet he remains faithful to his wife (physically… emotional unfaithfulness is another story).

His deep voice was a breath of heat upon her skin. “From the moment I saw you, Caragh, you captured me.”


Styr is a fiercely handsome warrior. I liked him immediately. He’s went without love his entire life and he finds by the end of the book. This story is so unlike any romance I’ve read lately and it doesn’t disappoint.

Caragh is a strong willed heroine. While I wanted to not like her, I found myself loving her personality. She’s a tiny slip of a woman that makes the rough and tough Viking fall hard.

“Every day I’ve spent with you is a betrayal of her.” The words were like a blade twisted inside her, wounding her heart. Then he added, “I won’t forget a single moment of it, Caragh. Or you.”
His embrace only deepened the heartbreak. But leaving him now would only heighten the loneliness. Her eyes blurred, and she admitted, “I shouldn’t have come here.”
“Because it only makes me desire you more.”

Michelle Willingham is brilliant! She writes with such passion and all the research that goes into her books isn’t overlooked. One example in this book is when Styr and Caragh played the board game. I loved reading about researched things like that.

I cannot wait to read Michelle’s next book. I simply can’t resist those forbidden Vikings!

**ARC graciously provided by Harlequin via Netgalley in exchanged for an honest review**


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