Review: It Takes Two To Tangle

GovernessInRed’s Book Review for:

It Takes Two To Tangle (#1 The Matchmaker Triology)

Author: Theresa Romain

Pages: 352

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Published: 2013



3 stars!

This cover is GORGEOUS! Love, love the cover. Caught my attention first thing and I wanted to read it. I didn’t want to read what it was about, I just wanted to read it because of the cover. 😉 Well done, Sourcebooks Casablanca.

I liked this book. I didn’t love it like most of the Goodreads community out there but it was still a pleasant read nevertheless.

Theresa Romain writes an interesting plot. Guy likes girl. Girl flirts with guy but also every other male out there. Girl isn’t as interested as guy is in her.

Frances Whittier is the heroine in this historical romance. She’s a widow and finds herself interested and drawn to the hero, Henry Middlebrook. Unfortunately Henry sets his cap for her beautiful cousin named Caroline.

I found some parts of the story to be slow and I would put the book down for a day or two and pick it back up and resume. Other parts were enjoyable and I found I rather liked the hero and heroine more than I did at the beginning of the book.

Theresa Romain did a wonderful job writing in the little details (about the dresses and describing the dances) and that’s what I LOVE to read about in historical romances besides the love story itself. The little things matter in a BIG way for me. Love the details.

Give this book a go if you like to read historical romance. It’s a sweet story and I hope you like it.

***ARC graciously provided by Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***


One thought on “Review: It Takes Two To Tangle

  1. Goodness that cover is really stunning. That dress is gorgeous. Thank you for the very honest review and what you really thought. 🙂 It makes it helpful when picking up a book to read. I do like that you mention the author does pay attention to detail. I have never read a book by this author and I think I will pick it up. I’m girly and it sounds like she writes to that (the dress!).

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