Review: Hook’s Pan

GovernessInRed’s Book Review for:


Book: Hook’s Pan

Author: Marie Hall

Pages: 175

Published: 2013



Holy Wow!  In this sci-fi/romance Ms. Hall takes us to a place called Kingdom. 



This fairy tale romance takes place in Neverland and the hero is Captain Hook. The author creates Hook with such sexiness that you can’t help but to want him.  In my mind I pictured Hook looking like Orlando Bloom. Yeah. Perfection.



The heroine is Trishelle Page.  She’s a gorgeous blonde who is still trying to get over her sister’s death and is terrible in the love department.  She’s whisked away from our modern day time to only be dropped at Hook’s feet. The two of them don’t hit it off right away.  Slowly but surely they do.  The love scenes are great. Two thumbs up!



“You have stolen the very breath from my body.”



I didn’t know that this was a series when I started reading it but it’s still enjoyable once you connect with the characters.  The author writes each chapter with such passion that everything in my mind was vivid.  The colors, the outfits, everything. The characters in the book are lively and have a personality all their own.


Hook’s Pan is entertaining.  Lots of magic and imagination.  If you’re into like sci-fi and you like fairy tales, this one is for you!


***ARC graciously provided by author and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***


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