Five things every historical romance should/shouldn’t have…

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VIOLETTA RAND: A Splash of Romance

Greetings boys and girls. I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Recently I was asked what five things I think every historical romance novel should/shouldn’t have. So today I’m sharing my thoughts. I hope this helps.




Compelling characters– Readers want to connect with your hero and heroine. Nothing determines the success/failure of a book more than the protagonists. Are they sympathetic enough? Believable? Do the secondary characters add to the plot and help story progression? Interestingly enough, a mentor of mine recently suggested that every antagonist needs redemptive qualities. I respectfully disagreed. It depends on their role. Is it purely self-serving or evil? If so, write their part appropriately. However, I agree most readers appreciate redemptive characters. Go with your gut feeling … there’s a place for both types.

 Action– From the traditional Regency, to the Viking era, action contributes to story progression. And…

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