Review: ‘Twas the Night After Christmas



*whew* This book was a rare treat! 

My rating: 4 stars

Sabrina Jeffries never fails to entertain. There is substance to her writing. It’s smooth and seductive and ever-so-satisfying. This holiday themed book is spectacular.

Once begun, I could hardly put this down. 

Very, very well written with an engaging storyline and compelling characters. This relationship grows slowly and Ms. Jeffries patiently guides us through a clever maze of characters. I found myself smiling, laughing and almost crying through several parts of the book.

This is escapism at its finest, ladies.


She stared him down, daring him to do his worst.
Then he kissed her. Hard. Fiercely. On the lips.
It startled her so much that she jerked back to gape at him. “What in creation was that for?”
“To shut you up,” he said, eyes ablaze. Then his gaze dropped to her mouth, and the blaze became smoldering coals. He removed her spectacles and tossed them onto the nearby bed. “But this one, my dear, is for me.”


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