Kay Springsteen’s New Christmas Romance

Moriah Densley

Please welcome bestselling author Kay Springsteen, a good friend of mine who’s here to talk about her new Regency Christmas romance, Teach Me Under the Mistletoe. Take it away, Kay!

Christmas during the Regency period in England was not the celebration it has been since the later Victorian period. Christmas trees were not unheard of but they were very rare. What was popular, however, was the “kissing bough” (also referred to as Christmas bough or mistletoe bough). This was made with a sizeable tree branch that the household decorated with evergreen boughs, apples, nuts, candy, dried flowers or sometimes lace or paper flowers, and dolls to represent the holy family, as well as streamers of ribbon. When it first came about, it was customary for guests to embrace the host and hostess beneath the kissing bough to show they brought affection and good will to the household. Later, it became…

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