Review: The Devil Wears Kilts


Book:The Devil Wears Kilts

Author: Suzanne Enoch

Pages: 325

 I closed this book with a satisfied sigh and smiled. It may have been the wee hours of this morning but it was well worth it.



This is what Scottish romances are all about! Suzanne Enoch blew me away with this book. Very, very well written with an engaging storyline and compelling characters. I simply loved it.


Ranulf MacLawry, Marquis of Glengask, is SO yummy.  He’s rough, dangerous, blunt & to the point, and absolutely delicious. He’s seductive and such a satisfying character. I found myself smiling throughout the whole book because of this guy.  This is what Highlanders are supposed to be like, ladies. This is the kind of guy that makes you melt in a story.




And oh, the cover for this book is gorgeous. Brilliant.


The heroine, Lady Charlotte Hanover, is a riveting character as well.  She wasn’t afraid to stand up to the Highlander and their banter was enjoyable.  The secondary characters were a hoot to read about and I cannot wait to read about their stories in the future. 


Suzanne Enoch shines in this book.  This is only book one of the new series and I’m hooked. All. The. Way. Run, don’t walk, and pick this book up today. Or order it online. You will not regret it at all. It’s a Scandalous Highlander masterpiece!




4 thoughts on “Review: The Devil Wears Kilts

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    Hello Bookworms!
    Cold enough where you are? It is the coldest I can remember here in Chicago. It would be so cool to be able to get onto a plane and head for the tropics! Yeah….dream on, Mel!
    I don’t have this one, and I don’t think I’ll be revuing it anytime soon, so I thought to share this review just in case you’re thinking of checking it out….

    Stay warm wherever you are!


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