Review: How To Entice An Enchantress




Author: Karen Hawkins

Publisher: Pocket Books

4 stars!


Karen Hawkins never fails to deliver.  She’s one of my all time favorite authors and she can write a historical romance like nobody else can these days.  I love that the hero in this story never says the right thing. Ever. His scar on his face and his hurt knee make him even more irresistible. I think that’s what makes him so human and believable in this book.



HOW TO ENTICE AN ENCHANTRESS had me hooked on the first couple of pages. The Duchess is up to her old tricks again… matchmaking.  It’s what she does best.  The hero and heroine (Lord Kirk & Dahlia Balfour) are great characters and the Ms. Hawkins does a splendid job letting you feel all the emotion.  The secondary characters shine all on their own.  I also adore when authors add in some kind of pet to the story.  In this case, it’s six of them.  They are known as the Roxburghe pugs and I LOVE them.  They had me laughing and smiling throughout this sweet story.



I would definitely recommend this book if you love a good historical romance & the adorable pugs in it are just an added bonus.  I would let Kirk hold my umbrella for me anytime.  



With that being said, I shall bow out now and continue on to the next book awaiting me on my shelf. 


***This book was sent by one of my good Twitter friends, Lindsey Ross! Thanks, girl. I enjoyed this immensely.***


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