Review: Rimfire Bride







On the golden plains of a new frontier, a smart young schoolteacher teaches a single father a lesson–in the power of love.


A scandalous newcomer…


Only the boldest of women would set off for the Dakota Territory without a man by her side.  But schoolteacher Jana Hartmann is determined to build a new life for herself and her frail sister, Greta.  True to her courageous spirit, Jana takes the only job she can find in the town of Bismarck–modeling dresses in a shop window–which has every man staring and every woman gossiping.  Adding fuel  to the fire, she’s agreed to help raise money in the annual kissing booth, where one handsome cowboy wants to buy every kiss for himself.


A scorching attraction…


Drew Malone is  a lawyer, rancher, and father of two little boys.  Although Jana is immediately attracted to the handsome and helpful Drew, she fights it, torn between a budding romance and her responsibility to Greta.  But Drew persists and sweeps her away for a romantic Christmas at Rimfire Ranch in the Badlands, where Jana finds herself having to win over the toughest critics of all– Drew’s young sons.  As Greta becomes more independent, Jana lets down her guard and opens her heart to the three Malone men.  But when the boys are kidnapped on her watch, Jana blames herself and flees to the frontier.  Drew must race against the clock to get back his sons…. and make Jana his Rimfire bride. 




My review: 

Ms. Luck writes an enjoyable romance set back in Dakota territory in the 1800’s.  There’s substance to her writing.  Although this is my first time reading a book by this author, it will not be my last.



I closed this book with a satisfied sigh. Now I admit this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I had a splendid time tearing through this book and falling in love with the characters. Even the secondary characters are memorable. The two boys that are throughout this book are adorable and funny.  They will grab at your heartstrings and not let go!



The hero and heroine are an absolute delight. Ms. Luck patiently guides us through a clever maze of characters and will have you emotionally invested in them. Best of all, there’s no nasty cruelness that so often manifests itself in most stories of this tone. 

Drew is a wonderful hero.  Tall, dark, and handsome.  What’s not to love, ladies?  He’s a gentleman to an extent but he is, after all, human.  He has his weaknesses.  *wink*



Jana is a fabulous heroine. She’s independent (which I love all my heroines to be) and she takes care of her sister.   She is appealing and likable. AND she doesn’t cry much! Yay! I’m so tired of heroine’s who cry all the time.



 Overall, it’s warm, witty, and loving… and human.  Sara Luck is an author not to be missed!


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