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Amanda Fleming’s outspokeness has cost her clergyman twin brother Stephen his last two positions. Now after his receiving the best one ever, she vows to be the perfect helpmate-even if it means keeping silent. But the ladies of the church test her at every turn and she prays that Cameron Hunt, the man who gave Stephen his living, will understand not send them packing. 

But as her friendship with Hunt’s younger sister grows, she finds herself falling in love with him, even knowing he is about to marry the perfect lady and all she can do is watch. 

Cameron Hunt, ninth earl of St. Martin firmly believes in following tradition, including being engaged by his thirtieth birthday. With only weeks to spare, he plans to propose to a woman he considers the most suitable candidate by Christmas. But then Amanda Fleming comes crashing into his life, challenging everything he thought he wanted in a countess and turning his life upside down. With Christmas and the village’s traditional sleigh race approaching, will he follow tradition and marry the “right” woman, or follow his heart?




“I suppose I should wait and do this privately,” he said in a voice that carried out over the heads of the spectators. “Or at least until I’ve spoken to your brother. But I will have no rumors or talk about us.  Amanda Fleming, I love you with all my heart. Will you marry me?”

A love he prayed he would deserve answered in her eyes, giving them a brilliance that was almost blinding.  She placed her beloved hands on either side of his face. “Of course,” she said in a much softer voice. “Of course.”


Ms. Hall will keep you glued to the pages just waiting to see what the heroine will do next. I found myself laughing aloud at the end of Chapter Two.  A moving historical romance with heart, soul, and holiday spirit.



Amanda Fleming is a delightful heroine.  She is known for speaking her mind and for also having a good heart.  She is a wonderful character to read about.



Cam is one of those heroes that knows he must marry but isn’t in much of a hurry to do so. He isn’t rakish at all and is, in fact, a gentleman.  I love how he tries very hard not to fall for the spirited Miss Fleming.


The secondary characters rock.  I’m not even kidding.  They’re splendid!  I loved reading about them and especially Amanda’s dog, Hamish (yes, I count him as a secondary character because he has a major part in the story). Hamish is adorable and  he grabbed my heartstrings first thing.  Who says Labradors have all the fun?  A Scottish terrier steals the spotlight in this book.



Perdita (Cam’s sister) is a sweetheart.  I enjoyed reading about her and Amanda’s friendship.  Ms. Hall really wrote stellar personalities for all these characters.



This author keeps everything clean between the pages. That’s right. There are no bodice-ripping scenes or filthy talk.  It’s really refreshing to read a romance that’s just pure, clean fun without all the extra.


The story ended perfectly; I wouldn’t have changed a single word. It’s the perfect historical romance to fall in love with.


 It’s also lendable.  I borrowed mine from



2 thoughts on “Review: ONE HORSE OPEN SLEIGH RACE

  1. Miranda, loved your review, as always! Where do you find those photos? They seem to fit the review perfectly. I’ve read several books where dogs play a major role.

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