**Explicit sex scenes**

**Intended for mature audiences only**

4 stars!


LAYERS PEELED is the second book in the Layers Trilogy that is not to be missed.  Picking right up from LAYERS DEEP, LAYERS PEELED takes you through more twists and turns with lots of suspense, passionate sex, pregnancy hormones and a quick wedding near the end.  


Tristan’s brows narrowed in a playful frown as he glided toward me and took me by my hips.  “I love a strong woman who speaks her mind.”

“What else do you love about me?” I lifted my arms around his neck, feeling his perfect naked front against me.  His growth poked me in my stomach and I fought the urge to spread wider to accommodate him so he could finally have his lovely cock inside me.

“I love you kick-ass moves when you flip my brother on his back.”

“What else?” I bit my lip, pressing my chest harder to him, acutely aware of the “L” game we were playing.

“I love your hair, your eyes, your tits, and your ass.” He grabbed my backside.  Something stirred deep inside my belly.  There was nothing that could arouse me more than Tristan’s dirty mouth.

“What else?”

“I love Puss.” He lowered his hand to my belly, rubbing it around the navel, the touch not only full of love and compassion but also desire.  A tingling sensation rekindled deep in my core.  The flickering spark turned into a small flame. Part of me wanted to hand to slide even lower, but the gentle caress of his palm felt smooth.

I closed my eyes, savoring the touch, and whispered, “What else?”

“I love you.”


And instead of waiting for me to speak, or being insecure that I hadn’t said anything, Tristan lowered his mouth to mine and kissed me like he didn’t need to hear my reply because he already knew it.  How could he not? I’d been in love with this man for weeks.  I couldn’t quite place when or where  it happened, because everything he had done for me and with me — I just couldn’t imagine anyone else in my life like that other than him.  I trusted him with my life and my soul.

…I looked into his eyes and said, “I love you too, Tristan Cross.” Not because I had to and not because he’d said it first, but because I wanted to.



The characters are still wonderful.  

I felt like Allie’s character wasn’t as strong as she was in the first book, but I think maybe it was all the pregnancy hormones? I don’t know.  I also don’t think the story was as suspenseful as LAYERS DEEP  because of her pregnancy. Having said that, I enjoyed the love story that kept unfolding. Nothing is better than a happily ever after and this book delivers.



Tristan was still yummy.  I felt as if he let Allie do a lot of things I necessarily wouldn’t have thought he would have, for example, still go undercover working.  I would have thought he to be more over protective, but nonetheless, it was still an enjoyable story. 




The only complaint I will make on the book is that it’s way TOO SHORT! I want more! I love the hero and heroine and can’t wait to read the next book by Ms. Silks. She can write such a wonderful tale and the love scenes are scorching hot! I absolutely have recommended her books to all of my friends. You cannot go wrong with a Lacey Silks book.

**ARC graciously provided by author via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**




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