I give this book 3 to 3.5 stars


He shook his head with disbelief.  What a remarkable woman.  It wasn’t the first time he allowed himself to analyze his feelings for her, and he was stunned to discover that what he felt didn’t terrify him nearly as much as the thought of never being able to tell her did.

He loved her.

Such a simple and uncomplicated thing, really.  He shook his head in amazement and wondered how long he’d loved her. The answer surprised him more than the acknowledgment itself.  It had happened quite suddenly really on their way to Scotland, when they’d sung that silly song together.


 I really liked the idea that the hero and heroine met at a masquerade ball.  Although the story turned out to be the opposite of what I thought it would be, it was still a nice read. 



Lady Rebecca wants to find her a husband on her own but her aunt and uncle have different plans.  They want to basically sell her to the highest bidder. Determined to choose a husband in order to escape her aunt and uncles grasp, she sneaks into the Kingsborough Ball where she captures the hero’s (Daniel) interest.  




Daniel Neville is a well known rake and is the heir to the Marquess of Wolvington.  So when his rakish ways get him into trouble with his aunt and uncle and they tell him he is to marry within a month or be cut off. Not only marry but to cease his gaming, stop associating with loose women, engaging in haphazard carriage races or anything that would continue to embarrass the family name. So when he sees a beautiful woman across the ballroom dressed in red, he is determined to claim her.  Everything goes fine until she is shot later on.



Did I mention he is determined to marry her? Yeah, he visits her the following day in hopes of asking her uncle for her hand in marriage but is quickly told that he must have a certain amount of money to basically buy her hand.  A few days later when he returns with said money, Rebecca’s uncle has decided she is to marry a duke (named Grover) instead.  


The couple decide to elope at Gretna Green before Rebecca is to marry the duke.  And so, right smack in the middle of her and Grover’s engagement ball, Daniel and Rebecca flee to Scotland and marry.  This causes a huge scandal. The unthinkable happens… Daniel’s uncle cuts him off because of how much of a scandal it was.


He and Rebecca are determined to make it without anyone’s help.  Through this process, they fall in love.  


Lots of twists and turns in this romance.  Like I said before, the story wasn’t quite what I envisioned it would be but it was still a nice romance.  I give it 3 to 3.5 stars.



“I love you,” she said, and then she blinked, realizing that he’d spoken at the exact same time as her, his words mirroring her own. “Did you just say… I mean, it sounded like you–“

“I love you, Becky,” he repeated, and reaching for her hand, he clasped it with his own before bringing it to his lips for a kiss.





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