Review: Flying





I give this one 4 stars!!


Whew! I don’t even know where to begin…


This is another great book written by Ms. Hart.  She takes you on another emotional roller coaster and makes the characters come alive with all their joy and sorrows.


Stella was a hard character for me to follow.  One minute I would think I had her all figured out and then the next she did something completely opposite. 


She’s also a whore.  Plan and simple.  She goes off on the weekends to wherever  she wants (taking flights for free thanks to her super rich CEO ex-husband) and screws complete strangers. 


I’m really not sure how she doesn’t have a ton STDs but that’s besides the point.


This book is erotica but it’s also much more than that. Ms. Hart brings the characters to life and gets you on a personal level with them.

On one of the many trips, Stella meets Matthew at the airport bar.  And (surprise!) yep, she goes home with him.


She thought if he kissed her she’d turn her head so his mouth hit her cheek and not her mouth.  If he touched her, she would pull away.  One late night she’d fucked a man in a bathroom stall.  Once she’d let a different man get her off under a table in a sushi place.  She wasn’t shy, she wasn’t a prude… but those times she also hadn’t been Stella.

Matthew didn’t kiss her.  Didn’t touch her.  He didn’t even take a single step closer to her.  “Sure.  You can stay at my place.  It’s not far from here at all.  And I don’t have bedbugs. Do you want to come home with me, Stella?”  

She ought to ask him what made him think she was the sort of woman to go home with a man she’d just met, except somehow he’d know she was.  Maybe he could smell it on her, like a perfume.

…She opened her mouth to say no, but instead said yes.


Ms. Hart writes so well.  The sex scenes in this book are off the charts.  The chemistry between these two is scorching.   Really. Keep the fan on the whole time.


His hands found her hips.  His lips, her lips.  The kiss deepened, tongues searching.  He put a hand on the small of her back to press her to him, and in minutes they were both grinding against each other. Stella broke the kiss with a gasp.


“Yes.” He didn’t let her say another word, capturing all her sighs with his mouth and breathing them back into her.  He rocked his hardness against her, and it felt so good Stella forgot what she meant to say, if anything.  Maybe she just like the taste of his name.

Somehow she got a hand between them and undid his belt, his zipper and button, to free him. The head of his cock pushed free of the denim and his briefs, and she pressed her palm to its heat.  His hands had moved beneath her dress, his thumb finding her clot through the soft fabric of her leggings.  He stroked her once, twice, until she shuddered.

“Feels good,” she whispered.

He looked into her eyes.  “I want to make you feel good.  I want to watch you come.”

“I,” Stella said, sitting upright, “would love for you to watch me come.”


They are two lonely people that found each other at the right place and the right time in both their lives.  They have a strange relationship but it seems to work for them.  This isn’t a fairy tale romance.  This is more like real life.  Another reason that I love Megan Hart!  She doesn’t sugarcoat anything she writes and I love it.

That was how it began, this thing between them.  With a promise she’d been unable to make a couple months ago.  Technically, Stella thought as she once more boarded a plane home from Chicago after another whirlwind weekend with Matthew, it had started in a hotel bar, where she’d once more picked up a stranger… only it had been different with him from that first meeting.  Different ever since.

The couple even break up in the story.  And I felt it.  The pain that Stella goes through with not only Matthew but also letting go of her son that passed away years ago.  I teared up. Several, several times.


The emotion that you get caught up in in this book is addictive.  You become a fly on the wall.  You love the characters and all their flaws.

She left him.

Because loving Matthew was like trying to fill a cracked glass–she could pour and pour, and the glass would always be empty.  There would never be anything for her to drink.

She would always be thirsty.

This book does have a happy ending.  The only complaint that I have is that I wanted more! I wanted it to be a little longer to see how it all played out.  This is definitely going on my “to keep” shelf.

So, would I recommend this book? Abso-freakin-lutely! If you’re looking for a book that’s all smiles and rainbows, this isn’t the book for you.  If you’re looking for a book that will knock your socks off, read this book. This is what real life could be like for some women out there. The everyday struggle, the built up emotion, this journey called life.


**ARC graciously provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review**



2 thoughts on “Review: Flying

  1. Miranda, I don’t read much contemporary and even less erotic but I simply read your reviews for the pleasure of it!! I love the gifs even if you did go overboard a little bit with this one!

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