Review: Once Upon A Kiss





She came to wed his brother and stole the Dragon’s heart…

To settle a feud, Dominique Beauchamp was resigned to wed in order to heal their injured lands. Offered in marriage by her brother to the lord of Drakewich, she came to take the d’Lucy name … but never counted on losing her heart to the brother of her betrothed–the Black Dragon.

Blaec d’Lucy mistrusted her from the beginning, believing her to be part of her brother’s endless perfidy, but he was powerless to resist the fiery-haired vixen that rode so proudly into their midst. Their love was sealed … once upon a kiss.

My rating for this book: 3 stars

To be honest, I wanted to read the book just because of the cover.  I mean, c’mon.  Look at this cover.  *swoon*

I wasn’t really wild about this book but it still was a nice read.  Dominique Beauchamp was a decent heroine.  She has the stubbornness that some heroines possess.


I liked the banter between her and the hero in this story.  For much of the story, they absolutely loathe each other and I found myself smiling at some of the stuff they would say to each other.

He was the cause of her discontent.

He was the bane of her existence.

Blaec d’Lucy is a good character.  He’s the typical tall, dark, and handsome hero we all seem to love and appreciate.


Once they finally give in to temptation is where I start to enjoy the story more.

Slowly, his eyes closing, he bent to kiss her mouth, his lips quivering, his fingers digging into her shoulders.  The look she saw upon his face made her heart fly into her throat, made her want to cry out in sheer pleasure, for it seemed as through he relished the very thought of kissing her, hungered for it, even.  As did she.

His tongue slid seductively along the curve of her lips, his breath trembling as he lapped her, embraced her.  Feeling the pounding of his heart against her breast, she opened to him readily, sighing with the joy it brought her.  Dear God, she loved this man.  She wanted to tell him so.


There’s humor, action, betrayal, and love in this book by Ms. Crosby.  I wish I could’ve enjoyed it more than I did.  I just felt like something was missing throughout the whole story.  Not sure what…. just something.

The secondary characters are very enjoyable.  I enjoyed reading about Alyss and Graeham’s budding romance toward the end.

Would I recommend this to anyone? Of course! While I found it somewhat lacking in some parts, I still think it’s a nice read.


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