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Kieran Ó Brannon is no ordinary slave—defiant, daring and dangerous, he is untamable! Iseult MacFergus is drawn to this powerful man with the strength of a warrior and the honor of a king. She trusts him to help find her lost child….

Kieran sold himself into slavery to save his brother’s life, but Iseult, with the face of an angel, gives him hope that he can again be a free man. Determined to find her child, Kieran may finally have his freedom—although now his heart is tied to Iseult’s forever….

My rating: 4 stars ****

I closed this book with a satisfied sigh and it brought a smile to my lips.  Michelle Willingham can write historical romances so well! 

This story is set back in Ireland in 1102 AD and definitely one plagued with hardships. But  trails and tribulations are expected in any romance, right? If you love a good medieval romance, you’ve got to give this one a go.There are many characters in this story.  It has a great storyline, plenty of action, many forbidden kisses, and lots of untamed passion enough for hours of entertainment. 


The story starts out with Kieran O’Brannon a slave.  He’s proud and stubborn but he’s also a man with integrity. Naturally, I pictured him looking like this…



*sigh* He’s absolutely yummy.

Iseult MacFergus is betrothed to the man who bought Keiran at a slave auction.  She is drawn to Keiran instantly and cannot stay away from him no matter how hard she tries.  He’s unlike any man she’s ever met before. 


Iseult is also trying to find her son.  She believes that although he was taken from her, he might still be alive.  She desperately searches for him to no avail.  Eventually she confides in Keiran about him. They find themselves having to work together and both try to ignore the feelings they have for one another.

Keiran’s self-control was about to snap.  The scent of her surrounded him.  Like wild honey, he craved the taste of her.  She enslaved him with invisible chains of need.

“Iseult,” he breathed, kissing her palms, “is this what you want?” He wanted nothing but honesty between them. “I am a man without a tribe.  There is nothing I can give you. No home, no future.”

She moved so close, the rigid tips of her breasts brushed against his chest.  He ached with the sweet torment, exhaling sharply.

“Then give me yourself,” she whispered. “It will be enough.”

He didn’t deserve her, couldn’t possibly become the man she wanted him to be.  And yet somehow none of it mattered this night.

Yep, it’s good….and gets even better. Really. Give it a read. 

And really, who doesn’t love a happy ending?


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