What I’m reading

So, this morning I’ve started this lovely jewel: 


And I must say that I’m addicted already. You know I love me some Highlander men. *swoon*

I’m on page 25 and I can’t stop smiling.


“How did ye sneak in here?” she asked, glancing around.
“The same way we’ll be leaving.” He tugged at her to follow him, but Heather rooted her feet to the ground, refusing to leave.  ‘Twas taking a chance, aye, but she had a feeling he wouldn’t slice her up just yet.

The man turned on his heel and gave her a warning glance – one that said if she didn’t move her arse, he’d sever it from her body.

Hmmm. Maybe he wouldn’t have any qualms about it.  Still she forged on.

“I will not leave until ye tell me your name.” She was stalling, and he probably knew it, but she couldn’t just run off with him…



He nodded, his mouth in a long, grim line. “Dinna ye see the robes?”

“Men of God dinna take ladies as their hostages.”

“‘Haps I’m not a man of God.” His expression was unreadable.

Heather’s brows wrinkled with bewilderment.  “But ye are a priest.”

“Aye,” he drawled out.

“I dinna understand.”

“Good thing for ye, understanding was not part of the plan. Let’s go.”


Yep, I’m hooked! Love me some stubborn Highlander men!


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