Outlander Ep. 104 ‘The Gathering’

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2014-09-02 15.46.22

RECAP:The episode opens with Claire playing in the near forest ‘hunt the boar’ in which she appears to be the boar. And while the kids are having some fun, she is secretly marking an escape route with her discarded hair ribbons and her fichu. In the next few scenes I loved the way we watched her relationship with Angus and Rupert. Both men are being slowly disarmed by her and in return, she is feeling sad to leave the place of simplicity and apparent joy, yet knows that she must.

b10Before she does that, she needs to stock up on provisions for the road, and she takes us through her plan as we watch her moving more freely around the castle’s halls and kitchen. She also needs a horse and under a guise of needing one for the hunt, she goes to the stables, and Old Alec tells her all…

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