Review: The Hawk





Book Blurb:

Erik MacSorley is a brilliant seafarer who has never encountered a wind he could not harness or a woman he could not win—until he drags a wet, half-naked “nursemaid” out of the waters off the Irish coast. Ellie’s ordinary appearance belies the truth: She is in fact Lady Elyne de Burgh, the spirited daughter of the most powerful noble in Ireland. Worse, this irresistible woman is determined to prove herself immune to Erik’s charms—a challenge he cannot resist.

Her captor may look every inch a rugged warrior, but Ellie vows that it will take more than a wickedly suggestive caress to impress her. Yet Erik will sweep away Ellie’s resistance with a desire that resonates deep within her heart. Still, he is a man driven by loyalty, and she is a woman with secrets that could jeopardize Bruce’s chance to reclaim his throne. As the battle for king and country sounds across the shores, will Ellie’s love be enough to finally tame the legend known as the Hawk?


This is the second time I’ve read this book. I wanted to reread it since I am reading the whole series now. The first go around a couple of years ago, I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars. This go around I give it 4 stars. Not sure why. It just didn’t hold my attention as well as I remembered. And it took FOREVER for the hero to realize he was in love with the heroine. I was thinking, WTF? C’mon! Really?


And the story this go around was sooooo slow. I had to even put the book down a couple of days and then get back ‘into’ it again. But with all that said, the plot is great. Monica McCarty knows how to tell a story. There’s plenty of action, lots of Highlanders, and then there are the main characters who *finally* fall in love. The secondary characters were pretty good as well.

I’m on to the next in the series. I love any book with William Wallace in it. Not to mention, the next books cover is swoon worthy. YUM.



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