Review: The Ranger




My rating: 5 stars



With a magnificent cast of dangerous characters, a mysteriously handsome hero and a vivacious heroine, Monica McCarty sets the tone for a lively adventure and immensely entertaining read.  No doubt this 3rd book in the Highland Guard series is enough to make your heart melt.

He unnerved her.  Made her feel nervous. Discombobulated. Flush with impulses she didn’t understand.  She wanted to move closer. Put her hand on his chest and feel the strength underneath.  Stare at his face and memorize every hard angle, every line, every scar.  It was outrageous to the point of ridiculous.

She’d been attracted to a handsome man before, but this was unlike anything she’d ever experienced.  Nothing like the fondness she’d felt for Roger, her former fiancé.  It was deeper.  More intense.  More visceral.  It reached inside and pulled, compelling her to him.

Arthur “Ranger” Campbell is such a great character to read about.  I immediately liked him.  He was everything I love in a hero: tall, dark, handsome… and dangerous.  What’s not to love, ladies?  He will pull at your heartstrings.

Anna MacDougall is a very likable heroine.  I enjoyed reading about her.  She’s not whiney like a lot of other heroines (major plus!), she doesn’t cry much (another plus!) and she’s strong willed.  The chemistry between her and Arthur is fantastic.  I love when characters fall in love (and lust) slowly!


Arthur couldn’t wait any longer.  The pressure had gathered like a hot fist at the base of his spine, building toward the throbbing tip of his cock, demanding release.

Touching her.

Hearing her cry out in sharp gasps of pleasure.

Feeling her body weep and shudder around his hand.

He clenched his teeth, holding it back, knowing he was about to come like he’d never come before.

Jesus, she was so damned beautiful.  Honey-gold hair spread out behind her head, shimmering in the candlelight. Cheeks flushed. Lips parted. Eyes dazed and heavy with passion…

She looked like a wanton who couldn’t wait to get tupped.  My wanton. All mine.

Jesus, he repeated, half prayer, half oath.  He’d never felt like this before.  Desire had consumed him.

Ms. McCarty writes a richly detailed  and emotionally intense story. It’s a page turner until the very end.  There’s action, adventure, scandalous activities, love and mayhem.

For love, adventure, and lots of fun, read Monica McCarty.

I’m on to the next!



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