Book Blurb:

A Highlander tamed…

Laird Daniel Murray seeks adventure, battle and freedom for his countrymen. Putting off his duties as laird—with a promise to his clan he’ll return come spring—Daniel sets off with his men to fight alongside William Wallace and the Bruce. But soon he stumbles across an enchanting lady in need. She tantalizes him with an offer he simply can’t refuse and a desire he attempts to dismiss.

A lady’s passion ignited…

Escaping near death at the treacherous hands of a nearby clan, Lady Myra must find the Bruce and relay the news of an enemy within his own camp. Alone in a world full of danger and the future of her clan at stake, she must trust the handsome, charismatic Highland laird who promises to keep her safe on her journey—and sets her heart to pounding.

Together, Daniel and Myra will risk not only their lives, but their hearts while discovering the true meaning of hope and love in a world fraught with unrest.

My rating: 3.5 stars

I don’t know if it’s me or if I’ve just been reading too many Highlander romances but this just didn’t do it for me like the other two in the series.   


The hero was fine.  I had no problem (much) with him.  The heroine is the one that absolutely got on my last nerve.  She was great in the beginning of the book.  As the story wore on, her character seemed to change or she grew immature or something.  All I know is that she got on my nerves.  One minute she’s a wanton virgin and the next she’s all modest.  I wanted to pull my hair out reading about her.


And now, I’m on to the next in the series. 😉



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