Re-release Tour: A Treasure Worth Seeking and Love Beyond Reason by Sandra Brown


Sandra Brown Tour Banner

Author Sandra Brown is re-releasing her contemporary novels, A Treasure Worth Seeking and Love Beyond Reason.

And it’s my turn to share an excerpt in celebration for the re-release of A Treasure Worth Seeking!!!

ATWS - Doing Some Reading

imageLove Beyond Reason

(Candlelight Ecstasy novel)


by Grand Central Publishing (first published 1981)

Expected publication: December 2nd 2014


Katherine Adams said she’d never make her sister Mary’s mistakes. Mary’s fairy-tale marriage into the wealthy, powerful Manning dynasty had turned into a nightmare of abuse. Then, on the night her playboy husband was killed in a car accident, Mary died in childbirth. Now savvy, smart, and very angry Katherine vowed to never let a Manning, any Manning, near Mary’s child — not even the dashing, charismatic oil man who showed up at her door. Katherine wanted to believe Jason Manning wasn’t like his ruthless family. But secrets and lies were part of his heritage…

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