Regency Era Lexicon – “F” is for More Than “Failure”

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Regency Era Lexicon – We’re Up to “F”

fag – used in English public schools; denoted a younger boy who ran errands for an older student (to become “fatigued” by doing these errands)

faggot – a grouping of sticks tied together and used for fuel

fallow – farmland left temporarily unplated

faro – a gambling game; players bet on the order of the cards being turned over by the dealer

farrier – a blacksmith

A Father’s Legacy to His Daughters – a guide book by John Gregory (1774), which served as a young lady’s guide to conduct; Dr. Gregory suggested that women should hide their knowledge and wisdom to avoid appearing superior.

fellow – a member of a college at Oxford or Cambridge; constituted the governing body of the college

female education – no standard curriculum existed for women; women were instructed in penmanship, reading…

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